How To Produce Amazing Product Photography (and Earn More From It)

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on November 19, 2021
How To Produce Amazing Product Photography
Product photography is a highly important marketing tool for online stores. To increase sales, it’s essential to produce excellent product photography and earn more money from it. A picture is worth a thousand words, but what if you could spend less money and make more money from it? As technology progresses, the demand for photography has grown. This has led to a growing need for professional photographers who can take photos of products that sell well. Here are some tips on creating fantastic product photography that will help you earn more money from it. The idea of product photography is that it takes a high level of technical expertise to produce, but anyone can do it. A professional photographer with good gear and the proper setup can produce excellent images for any product. Your product photography must show off its features in an attractive way, so take lots of pictures and check them for quality before settling on just a few. It’s also important to make product photography look unique and naturally beautiful, so avoid anything that looks too “perfect.” Now, before the introduction gets longer, let’s talk about the tips!

Produce Amazing Product Photography (and Earn More From It)

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Pick a good camera (your smartphone is a great starting point)

Picking an excellent camera to do the job is very important, as this can break or make the results of your product photography. Your smartphone is always an option if you’re not willing to invest in any product photography gear, but even then, it’s worth checking that your photo comes out looking good. The best camera for product photography will be one that lets you control the exposure and color temperature, so they are accurate in different lighting conditions. If you have a DSLR or mirrorless camera, you should be fine. These cameras are great for product photography because they let you change lenses so that your photos come out in the best possible quality when it comes to lighting and color accuracy.

Use proper lighting

Lighting is one of the most important product photography tips to keep in mind. Lighting can make or break your product photos, so you must use proper lighting techniques for product photography if you want great results. You don’t have to spend a lot on artificial lights just yet; using natural light from windows will work fine. If you’re using product photography lights, it’s worth keeping them off to the side, so your product is not backlit and has no shadows. You should also avoid having any light source behind the product as this could cause lens flares or other defects in your pictures. The best product photography lighting will come from softboxes; these produce a nice, even light that will help to avoid lens flares and other product photography errors. You can also use softboxes to create an attractive product photo by using the edges of the box’s frame for shadows.

Use a tripod

Bonus: also, use a remote shutter Camera shake from pressing the shutter button with your hand could ruin all the effort you’ve put into lighting and setting up for product photography. Using a tripod will help to avoid any camera movement problems that might result in blurry product images. If you’re using product photography lights, this is especially important. Pricing for reliable tripods vary. You do not need to spend a lot of money on this. However, pick one that can hold either your smartphone or your camera well. This is very important as your tripod should hold the weight of your equipment properly to avoid any accidental or unexpected damages.

Take inspiration from brands you love

Take a look at product photography from brands that you love and admire. They will have great product photos with backgrounds, lighting, etc., to market their products effectively. You do not need the most expensive product photography equipment or software to produce fantastic product images for your eCommerce business!

Take multiple shots from multiple angles

When you’re doing product photography, you must take several shots from different angles. This will help to avoid product photography errors and make sure your pictures look their best.

Put your product in context (lifestyle images)

It’s a good idea to take lifestyle images of your product. These will help customers imagine how they could use the product and show them what kinds of results you can achieve with just a little effort on their part! The idea behind this is to let the emotions flow. The product is not alone, but it’s placed in an environment with a story to tell. This will allow the potential customers to connect better and help them forget about their daily routine for just a few minutes while browsing your product listings or see how your product can be entangled with their daily lives. One way of achieving this goal is by using lifestyle product photography techniques that feature people and objects.

Shoot product photos on white background

Shooting photos on a white background is also known as product photography in the studio. It’s considered one of the most compelling product photos because it helps you keep your products out of their natural environment and free from distractions. Products made of pure metal, plastic, or glass could be shot product photos on white background quickly because they all reflect light well and make your product pop out in the photo. Product images with a white backdrop also work best for small items like jewelry because they allow you to see when worn. Bonus Tip: product photography backdrops also come in black, gray, and brown.

Avoid using filters

Filters are a product photography error because they can cause your product images to look unrealistic. In some cases, using filters also alters the color of objects in your pictures, resulting in product photography mistakes. Mistakes with product photos will not only drive away potential customers but could end up costing you money when it comes time to re-shoot product images. Product photography can be challenging, but it’s also gratifying and has the potential to help you make more money from your eCommerce business! Take product photos that will attract customers and boost sales by using these simple product photography tips.

Pick the perfect background

The product photo background you choose can make or break your product photography. The wrong product photos, especially those taken against the wrong backdrop, will not only drive away potential customers but could end up costing you money when it comes time to re-shoot product images.

Edit and retouch your images after they’ve been captured

Another product photography error that you should avoid at all costs is editing and retouching product images right after they’ve been captured. The reason for this is because you are potentially wasting time and will not be able to produce consistent edits across all of the images you’ve taken.
Product photography is the art of taking a picture that accurately depicts your product or service. It can be as simple as taking a photograph of your product, but it can also be as complex as taking a photo with an entire team and setting up a photoshoot to show off all of the features and benefits of your product. If you are looking for ways to improve your marketing or branding, look no further than this blog post!
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Which strategy have you tried? What was successful about this approach? How has photography helped your business succeed so far? If you’re not already taking product photography seriously, now is the time to start. The photography market is booming, and there are more opportunities than ever before. Need help? Contact us today for your marketing and branding needs!
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