Protect your business with ADA-compliant website protection that maximizes your ROI and gives you peace of mind.

Boost your SEO rankings and open up new business opportunities on a $650b per year untapped disability market

Does your website comply with ADA standards?

I’m sure you’ll hear about it soon enough. Something is happening right now and it’s only a matter of time until your organization is affected.

You May Not Be Aware, But...

Website owners are being targeted and sued for a law that you may not realize being disregarded.

The ADA act requires businesses to provide accessibility on their entire websites for individuals with disabilities.

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No one is safe, it doesn’t matter if you’re a:

Local business owner

Gym or fitness coach



Barber shop

Hair or nail salon

Computer repair shop

Electrical contractor





Home remodeler




Website owner

If you have a website, you’ll be held responsible

Under the Americans with Disabilities Act, web content should be accessible to the blind, deaf, and those with other disabilities who require voice, screen reader assistance, or other assistive technologies

In response to a decision made by the Supreme Court last year, many website owners have been sued for non-compliance with the ADA

More than 1,700 lawsuits are pending in New York alone for non-accessibility compliance in 2020

More than 10,000 websites were sued in 2020 because their websites were not ADA-compliant. The number is expected to reach 100k in 2021.

Unlike GDPR, the ADA law does not require notification before a lawsuit is filed against a company for non-compliance.

Note: The law does not provide a company with any time to act before filing a lawsuit, and it does not provide a defense after a lawsuit is filed!

There’s more benefits from being compliant

Avoid stressful and costly lawsuits by being ADA compliant

Rank higher in Google simply by being ADA compliant

Increase your revenue by tapping into a $650b per year market

Note: The law does not provide a company with any time to act before filing a lawsuit, and it does not provide a defense after a lawsuit is filed!

Tap into a $650 billion per year disability market

It is time for you to RE-THINK if you ever thought that the blind, deaf, and physically challenged do not use the internet or shop online just like you.

ADA compliance on your website/web content will help you get a foot in the door into this multi-billion dollar disability market!

Allow us to assist you with getting your website and content ADA compliant by bringing our expertise to the table

  • ADA compliance simply means making your site more accessible.
  • Google ranks websites with an accessible design more highly than those without
  • By not having an accessible website, you may be losing out on tons of potential customers, meaning more lost revenue.
  • One more reason for ADA compliance now!

You could spend weeks or even months reading and going through each of these items, making sure you’re ADA compliant…


Have training


Have a web accessibility policy page


Make a web accessibility statement


Appoint an accessibility coordinator


Hiring an independent consultant, (depending on how large your business is)


Invite feedback

Why not sit back, while we help you get your website and all your web contents ADA compliant?

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ADA Compliance Made Easy

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